Casino Trainer

My experience in the casino world

In the social realm, I learned the importance of empowering people. Working seventeen years for Holland Casino as a dealer and working in the events industry, it was a common thread through my career. With my experience of putting the right people on the right position, my stunning events reach new target groups. Everything fell into place.

What are my benefits for the casinos and their teams:

I was at the forefront when Holland Casino wanted to design the first ‘Experience Zone’ in Europe. After the successful launches in the Netherlands, I was asked internationally to provide casting and training for new concepts. The dedicated teams are selected and guided by me, where I create their ownership. Giving the team’s feeling, that they are important to make the casinos future-proof.

Through my years of experience, I created my own methods. I provide presentations at international conferences..

Newest video

I am trainer/coach at an international level. My new methods are:

• The improvement of casinos

• The advising of managing boards

Lift staff members to a higher level

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